Zoe's family holiday to Hidden Spain, Pruna

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Zoe’s family Holiday to Spain.
Well this was a different sort of holiday to our others.
We decided to visit my step mums family in Pruna in Spain and to see the Romeria.
Romeria is a religious pilgrimage; it is a catholic celebration that consists of a trip either on horseback, on foot in cars or on floats, that ends at a sanctuary or hermitage. People spend weeks preparing for the pilgrimage  by cooking food and decorating their floats. This celebration lasts all day long. During this celebration, there is dancing, singing, eat and drinking. People usually dress in flamenco dresses or jeans and a collared shirt. They carry The Madonna known as La Virgen de la Cabeza from the village to a church in the hills.

This was an amazing celebration to see and be part of. It started off with the blessing of the horses, so each horse and rider will take a bunch of flowers to the church where the trip starts in the village of Pruna.
The next day the trip starts, with two ox pulling The Madonna up the hills to the church, with floats, wagons, tractors and people on foot following. Once up the hill all the ladies in flamenco dresses sing and dance and the mass and drinking begins.
The celebration goes on all day until they bring the Madonna back down to the village at around 7pm and the drinking will carry on in the village, where they will have a funfair, dancers, singers and fireworks.
I am  used to being lazy on my holidays, sitting by the pool and eating ice cream since having my daughter, but we wanted something different and this was very different but very enjoyable. Seeing all the villagers enjoying the day and being so welcoming was brilliant.
On our last day we had to be out of our villa by 10.30am but our flight wasn’t until 11.30pm so we decided to drive to Ronda for lunch and have a look around. Ronda is absolutely beautiful and is great for people who love to shop and visiting the amazing Gorge.

We then drove to Puerto Banus for a walk around the harbour and of course an ice cream, then on to Fuengirola for a walk on the beach and an evening meal before heading to the airport.

3rd May 2017- Pruna- Zoe Cox