When Should You Book A Holiday 2019/2020?

Everyday life can be busy with work, family and everything in between! Holidays are often that much-needed break that keeps you daydreaming, motivated and excited for the future. But when is the best time to book in 2019, or 2020? Is there one? Rest assured, this blog is here to help you way up your options.!

Should you book your 2019 holiday early or late?

The pros of booking your holiday early

  • Booking early means that there are more seats on flights, more availability for specific room types at hotels and a better selection of travel times to choose from. For example, if you’re travelling with children and it is important you have a family room, there can be a limited amount of larger rooms geared up for families in the hotel.
  • Early bookers will get the pick of the crop. It is also crucial to plan with children as during annual and school holidays the demand is higher.
  • Booking early also means you have plenty of time to save and budget for your trip. Many travel companies offer special schemes in which you can pay off your holiday over a period of time, especially for those holidays booked over a year in advance.
  • If you love to create a holiday itinerary, booking early could mean you also get the best options on all of the tourist locations you want to visit.

The cons of booking early

  • You might miss out on a better holiday deal later down the line.
  • If you pay upfront for your holiday, you will need to have the finances to start paying for it long before you plan to travel.
  • Changing your holiday booking can sometimes incur additional costs, so if you’re unsure of your availability, you may have to pay more for changes later on in the year.

The pros of booking a last minute holiday
Booking your holiday late also comes with plenty of perks. Despite the range of choice in holidays decreasing, financially it can work massively in your favour.

  • By leaving booking to the last minute you can be almost certain that the price of remaining holidays will be significantly more appealing in price than when booking in advance.
  • Booking late means that travellers can sometimes benefit from the biggest savings.
  • You’ve got longer to save the money needed before booking and means you won’t have to worry so much about having to pay the deposit or paying upfront months in advance.

The cons of booking late

  • The flexibility and availability for your preferred holiday destination decreases as all the early birds will have booked months ago and you’ll be left competing with people in a similar position.
  • If you have your heart set on a destination and want to leave it to the last minute to get the best deal you might be constricted to certain times of the year to travel. The best last minute deals are usually out of annual and school holidays holidays and you can check the upcoming bank holidays for England 2019 here.
    For example, January is known for having cheap last minute deals as lots of people don’t travel, or have the budget to travel, after Christmas.


Other things to consider when deciding when to book

Can you travel mid-week?

Often Tuesdays have the most seats available and mid week flights can often be cheaper. If you want to travel on the weekend be aware that some airlines can charge more for popular business travel routes and on Fridays & Sundays.

Have you tried using a travel agent?

Travel companies generally offer good early booking deals for those booking up to six months or more before they’d like to depart. See here for the best early booking deals for 2019. Also they do all the hard work for you and can explain what and where you are saving money.

Keep an eye on prices and set up alerts.

Google flights, Skyscanner and Hopper are a useful way of keeping an eye on the cost of flights. If you keep an eye on prices ahead of time you can see whether the price drop is significant enough for you to believe it is a ‘good deal’. You can get an idea of types of holidays and the prices here.

No matter whether you’re a later booker or early planner the right choice is what is right for you and your requirements. If you need some help booking your next excursion, get in contact with us today to book your next holiday adventure for 2019

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