The Importance of Human Connection in a Travel Crisis

As the world tries to come to terms with the new normal, your travel management company (TMC) is here to support you through this time and implement any changes in ‘duty of care’ you might wish to make. Business travel will still be a necessity for most companies and even though there will be more virtual meetings, there will still be the need for UK and international travel. Your TMC will offer solutions needed for informed decisions, whether that’s just a train ticket to visit another office and a hotel stay or that next international conference or sales visit.

How can we help?

Organisations will need to be more responsible for their travellers safety while away on business, including providing your travellers with support while they are travelling. Thornton’s Travel has worked with our travel partners over the last few months to prepare for the next steps. We are here, your human connection to assist with your travel plans. Our experienced team were on hand to help throught the travel crisis that followed 9/11, the ash clouds and other global disasters, we really are the best people for the job.

Here are some of the ways we can help: Sourcing meaningful information

As members of the Focus Travel Partnership. ‘the UK’s largest Business Travel Consortium’ and the Business Travel Association, who work collaboratively across the industry and with the government. We receive daily briefings on air, hotel and rail travel along with various country updates. This enables you to make informed decisions about your company travel rather than sourcing many varying answers online. Advice is changing daily; we can help keep you abreast of this as guidelines and country information updates.

One Stop Travel Solution

We are not just here to book your air or hotel travel, we can book:

  • Group travel
  • Event travel
  • Rail travel
  • Airport parking
  • Airport lounges and Fastrack 
  • Meeting and conference bookings 
  • VIP concierge service

If a travel crisis occurs it’s just one call or email to change all of your trip. You travel executive will talk you through the amendments and support you with the decisions needed to be made.

The Thornton’s team recently assisted in the ‘Helping you get Home’ initiative with the Focus Travel Partnership. Many travellers who hadn’t booked with an agent or couldn’t contact the online agent/airline found themselves stranded abroad when Covid-19 struck. We assisted these travellers and enabled them to get safely home. Your travel provider should be able to offer you sufficient support during a travel emergency.

Traveller Tracking & Travel Alerts

Knowing where your travellers are at the time of a travel crisis is imperative and we have the tools to enable you to do this. We offer different traveller tracking solutions to suit your organisations needs from mobile apps to more simpler reports. Our travel alerts keep you up to date whilst ensuring you are not bombarded with data.

24/7 emergency travel service

When our offices are closed, our out of hours team are on hand to assist you in a travel crisis. We’re there to offer that personal human connection, think outside the box and get you home.

Travel Planning

We will always work closely with you, analysing your travel data and assisting with future forecasting. Having one central source will enable you to have a full overview of your travel and can ensure that past errors are not repeated. The example report below shows future travel that you have to a destination, past travellers and a daily update of COVID-19 in those areas.

You can also be specific to a destination to see the individual bookings you have there. The human connection, professional advice and industry experience that Thornton’s Travel has is important for any company in its’ day to day travel planning. It is during a crisis however that the service of an agent is invaluable. For more information on the services we offer or if you would like a free review of your travel programme please contact [email protected] or call 0117 929 1633.

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