How To Switch Off When You’re On Holiday

How often have you gone on holiday desperately in need of some relaxation time, only to feel incapable of unwinding? Modern life is often hectic, and work obligations overwhelming, making it hard to set time aside for that much needed rest and recuperation. Surrounded by endless to-do lists and plagued with inbox alerts, you simply may not remember how to switch off and relax on holiday. In this blog we’ll teach you how to enjoy a truly tech-free retreat and [...]

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6 Top Tips For Solo Female Travellers

It’s no secret that the number of solo female travellers has been growing, and with good reason! Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to find out what you really want - be it getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing a new culture, tasting lots of different cuisines or reflecting upon what you value most in life. It may sound like a cliche, but travelling alone really can give you clarity on who you are and what you want from [...]

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The Ultimate Packing List For A Beach Holiday

We’ve all been there. You’ve packed and re-packed the same bag multiple times to make sure everything is there. And yet somehow, as soon as you step on that plane you realise you’ve forgotten something. Whether you’re the type to leave packing until the last minute or you like to be prepared weeks before you set off, it’s easy for certain items to slip your mind. Packing efficiently and thoroughly isn’t always as simple as it may seem, particularly [...]

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Summer 2018 Holiday Playlist

  It’s incredible how songs can bring you right back to a moment: A road trip with friends, a lounge by the pool, building sandcastles with the kids… that time dad burnt all the food on the BBQ! No matter what you’re doing this summer, there’s always a holiday playlist that will lift the mood, put you at ease, and bring everyone together. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together two playlists we love to play on our summer cruises [...]

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Mauritius Holiday Travel Guide Tips (with Rachael)

A quick Google of Mauritius offers up everything you would imagine in an island paradise. Sparkling turquoise sea, white sandy beaches… any tension you may have been feeling in that moment seem to be lifted away simply by taking one look at this idyllic island. Mark Twain himself even quoted a citizen as saying that “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Where is Mauritius? Situated in the Indian Ocean, 600 miles off [...]

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My trip to New York

Written by Rachael Wichard. I have just returned from an amazing 3 night trip to New York for my 40th birthday! I wanted to share my travel tips with you and itinerary based on a three night stay. If you want to get the most out of trip and see all the major tourist sights that the city has to offer I would recommend the following: DAY ONE When you arrive after the flight you have to go through immigration, which [...]

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Why Everyone Should Use a Travel Agent in 2018

Why Everyone Should Use a Travel Agent in 2018 by Cheryl Rosen / October 25, 2017 Photo: Shutterstock As business for 2018 begins to build, we asked travel agents why they think travelers should never travel without an advisor behind them heading into the New Year. Here’s what they said: 1. Storms and natural disasters are making travel more difficult. This year has been a particularly tough one for travel, with natural disasters and system failures overwhelming some suppliers. But travel agents have [...]

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Rachael said Yes to New adventures, Corsica with Mark Warners Holidays

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Corsica with Mark Warner holidays, staying in the North of Corsica in the beautiful resort of San Lacianu. Travelling on Mark Warner's very own British Airways charter from London Heathrow and then a very short transfer to the San Lucianu resort in Corsica.  The resort itself is one of the smaller Mark Warner resorts and the Superior Rooms have recently been refurbished. I would highly recommend upgrading to one of these; [...]

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Zoe’s family holiday to Hidden Spain, Pruna

  Zoe's family Holiday to Spain. Well this was a different sort of holiday to our others. We decided to visit my step mums family in Pruna in Spain and to see the Romeria. Romeria is a religious pilgrimage; it is a catholic celebration that consists of a trip either on horseback, on foot in cars or on floats, that ends at a sanctuary or hermitage. People spend weeks preparing for the pilgrimage  by cooking food and decorating their [...]

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Rachael’s Highlights of Sri Lanka tour and Atlantis the Palm Dubai

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and Dubai with Gold Medal Travel. I had such a great trip in totally contrasting places that I thought I should share my experience. Our 1st hotel in Sri Lanka was the Chaaya Village in Habarana which is located in the middle of the island. This hotel is in an area of flat swap like land a lot of green trees a lot of rain this time of year [...]

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