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Hi, I'm Sarah

I always wanted to work in travel and left school as a Y.T.S to work as a cruise agent for Cunard Crusader Travel in Bristol, leaving two years later to work for Thornton’s. I have been with the company now for 28 years, working in Leisure, Business Travel & then becoming a Director of the company in 2016.

I love the ever changing face of travel, we really do learn something new every day, it’s definitely never boring. We have built some fantastic relationships with our clients and it’s great to support them with their travel.

I have travelled extensively and been lucky enough to stay in some amazing properties around the world. I also back packed for two years travelling to Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand & Vietnam. My favourite holiday ever was to the South Pacific, Tahiti and Moorea, it was beautiful, we had an overwater bungalow in Moorea and I could dive from the balcony in the morning straight into the ocean!

Hi, I'm Jess

My career in the Travel Industry started a little over 20 years ago now, on the eve of the new millennium! Back in those days I was a shy, untravelled, spring chicken – how times have changed!

My job has given me the opportunity to travel the world and gain knowledge and experience I will forever be grateful for! Some of my favourite highlights from trips so far would have to be experiencing the beauty of the Iguazu Falls in South America to salsa dancing in a Sydney harbour bar after sampling a few fine vintage Australian wines, absolutely bonzer!

In corporate travel, I enjoy working closely with my clients putting together itineraries to help make the booking process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In an ever changing competitive industry, that personal touch and first hand help if you need urgent assistance is always worth its’ weight in gold! Here’s to the next 20 years!

Hi, I'm Jeni

I have worked in Business Travel for 20 years since the tender age of 17. My personal love for Travel has kept me motivated and passionate in the ever changing market that is travel.

I enjoy the challenges that Corporate Travel brings, finding clients the best possible itineraries to meet their individual needs. Every day is different and I never know what new destinations will derive.I have been fortunate enough to travel widely and even lived in Dubai for a year. I am always chasing the next big trip.

One of my favourite places that I have visited is Aruba in the Caribbean where I honeymooned. One of the ABC islands to be situated outside of the hurricane belt with consistently fine weather.

Hi, I'm Alison

I started my travel career in 1997 after returning from 18 months backpacking around the world. I have travelled to over 50 countries and love to see the world from different perspectives. I have been camping in Chile, staying in palaces in India, game lodges in Africa and enjoyed luxury accommodation in 5 star hotels.

Both my personal travel experience and my extensive knowledge of the airline industry allow me to provide a fully comprehensive and impartial service to my clients.  

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